Equipment Maintenance & Repairs

Equipment Maintenance & Repairs


Turbine Maintenance Services

A proper monitoring of your turbomachinery can enhance not only its performance, reliability and maintainability, but improve its durability, safety and environmental compliance. It all adds up to higher production and more dollars to your bottom line.

Upgrading your existing equipment can be less costly than purchasing an additional unit. You can optimize your productivity while remaining within the same physical footprint.

Your equipment can be economically diagnosed at the time of overhaul using our partner’s Dynatrend VEWS. Instead of waiting weeks to have your original turbine undergone long overhaul, Dynatrend VEWS unit can be provided to minimize your downtime. Primary benefits include:

  • Machinery efficiency
  • Life extension
  • Optimize productivity
  • Reliability enhancement
  • Sustainability
  • Time savings
  • Lower costs

Mountains Energy Optimizing Equipment Value, Anywhere, Anytime

Customer support extends beyond maintenance and repairs to include broad offerings that help enhance performance and safety, extend equipment life and prevent obsolescence.

Our Partner (Dynatrend) is a company deeply specialized in mechanical condition monitoring and diagnostics of critical machinery.

The potentials of securing the machinery with the Dynatrend systems and services applied are typically:

  • Decreased operational risk.
  • Increased production figures
  • Increased efficiency over time
  • Decreased emissions
  • Decreased operational costs

The basic principal is the use of non-penetrating vibro-acoustic and vibration sensor systems, allowing easy and low cost adaption to any type of machine or structure, being new or old.