Energy Consultancy Services

Energy Consultancy Services



At Mountains Energy Solution Limited

  • We can increase your profits
  • We offer a range of energy saving and control measures backed by professional surveys and consultancy
  • Typically energy costs are second only to staff costs in light industry
  • Energy purchasing adds nothing to your business and comes straight off the bottom line
  • Energy costs are set to rocket in the near term due to changes in national energy production policy.

What we can offer your business is a rapid reduction in energy costs. We would provide services that might include:

  •  Energy saving devices
  • Smart energy monitoring and purchasing
  • Energy Generation and Storage.

All of our solutions are fully cost calculated and would produce a return that exceeds the interest on capital investment.


Solar panel installation and sustainable energy solutions for your business.

Invest in solar and sustainable energy to increase your profitability and eco credentials. Mountains Energy Solution Ltd offers you the highest quality components available and our design team and smart logistics ensure businesses can start seeing a real return in as little as two weeks with minimal disruption. We also design smart systems for locations with grid limitations.

Domestic Solutions

Solar panels and energy saving devices for your home.

If you’re looking to reduce energy costs, and preserve the environment, we are friendly and professional installers covering South East Wales. Mountains Energy Solution Ltd specialise in helping you to keep your energy bills low with the most efficient designs and the option of additional energy storage and energy efficiency measures. Every installation is designed especially for your home and is seen through to the completion of Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) and commissioning forms.

Service &Repairs

 Quality services to keep your investment in top condition.

As a trusted Service Contractor Mountains Energy Solution Ltd have the skills and experience to quickly identify and resolve the causes of system failure. Your Solar Array is valuable and requires care to keep it working at its optimum. Mountains Energy Solution Ltd has a range of care packages to cover maintenance and rapid repair. We are also able to optimise many systems to gain a higher Feed in Tariff.

Bio-Gas Solution for Homes and Offices

Mountains Energy Solution is able to provide a complete turnkey solution:

We provide clients with turnkey, renewable energy solutions. From feasibility studies, engineering designs to construction, operations and maintenance, we place significant emphasis on understanding our clients’ objectives in order to design and build projects as envisioned. As a turnkey EPC provider we pride ourselves on working with clients to turn ideas into customized Biogas, biomass and solar PV systems which fulfil the projects specific needs. We work closely with leading international technology providers of renewable energy equipment. At Mountains Energy Solution Ltd we are passionate in creating innovative solutions, promoting energy efficiency, and as well utilize our engineering expertise to offer the highest standards of quality, efficiency and service while providing cost effective solution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This approach has enabled Mountains Energy Solution Ltd to become a market leader in Nigeria wastewater solution and renewable energy sector with track record of successful Anaerobic Baffle Reactor (ABR) system & biogas plant.
We build ABR system for wastewater management; promote “waste-to-wealth”, bringing renewable energy (affordable and cost effective biogas plant, solar energy technology, and natural drinking water purification system to South West) and Nigeria at large.
Our ABR solution for the management of waste water requires zero electricity and produces very low sludge. The biogas solution for organic wastes (animal waste, human waste, crop residue, etc) and other renewable energy solutions are successful, because they are easy to maintain, have low running costs, and provide additional income for the project owner.