Company Policies

Cashes Policy

The management of Mountains Energy Solution Limited is totally committed to the following Community Affairs, Safety,

Health, Environment and Security (CASHES) Policy:

  • To take all reasonable measures to make personnel, information and facilities secure; minimize the effect of any operation to the host community, minimize injuries at the workplace and minimize environmental damage.
  • To be sensitive to the needs and concerns of all host communities.
  • To establish and maintain standards for community affairs, safety, health, the environment and security within the Company which adhere to all relevant aspects of applicable laws and meet the high standards applicable to the industry.
  • To ensure that all Company personnel are given the necessary information, instruction and training to enable them to work in a secure and safe manner so that they understand and can fulfill their responsibilities with regard to Community Affairs, Safety, Health, Environmental and Security requirements.

To ensure that safety is an integral part of all the work performed by the Company.

Quality Policy

The management of Mountains Energy Solution Limited is totally committed to the following Quality Policy and Objectives:

  • To achieve a quality service by meeting customers’ requirements.
  • To define and document the Quality System for all functions of the company to comply with the requirements of ISO 9001 latest edition.
  • To develop and use qualified personnel, trained with the necessary skills and experience to perform their duties.
  • To perform in accordance with the documented Quality System with the aim of developing all products and services correctly the first time.
  • To ensure that services and products provided by Mountains Energy Solution are in contract, safety and legislative requirements.
  • To ensure that quality activities are specified to suppliers to maintain the overall level of quality of the project.
  • To continually evaluate the Quality System’s suitability and monitor its operation to improve its effectiveness.

Community Affairs Policy

  • The company shall take all necessary steps to maintain good relations with the community with whom she comes into contact during the course of work.
  • This shall include observing all protocols and customs in the community, paying due homage as may be required by the community.
  • All community relation matters shall be handled by an experienced member of senior management staff (i.e. the QA/CASHES CO – ORDINATOR) where the quality auditor shall attend to community affairs in consultation with our client community liaison officer (C.L.O).

Safety Policy

It is the policy of the company to carry out its activities in such manner that no fatality or serious injuries or damage to personnel or property arise there from.

Every necessary step shall be taken to safe guard all work for us including third parties. Detailed safety procedures must be put in place and the management held accountable for its implementation on site to ensure an enviable safety performance, the following strategies will be adopted;

1. The continuous identification of all accidents causes
2. The control of accident causes
3. The minimization of accident causes.

Health Policy

Since work may affect any or every system of the human body, it is therefore essential that early recognition of health hazards is established, monitored and controlled.

The company places great emphasis on the promotion of the total heath concept and the protection of the workers.

All workers in our employment must be certified medically fir before employment and annual medical examination is conducted for all staff accordingly.

Environmental Protection Policy

Our company is committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment especially in course of our work. We must take environmental sanitation and monitoring seriously to ensure that all FEPA (Federal Environmental Protection Agency) interim guidelines are complied with as regards our operation. Every effort will be concentrated towards minimization of environmental safety hazard released during the cause of work.

More so, it is expected of every employer to guide against unhealthy and environmentally unexpected of conditions both at work and at home.

Security Policy

The company is also committed to ensure appropriate measure for the protection of its working environment from theft or sabotage. This is achieved through restriction of authorized personnel into office location and work sites. Security personnel so engaged by the company in its location / sites are to ensure the security of personnel, machinery, vehicles, tools and equipment employed. In this regard every necessary step shall be taken to safeguard all who work for us including third parties.